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Current storyline

Through a series of events and adventures (refer Adventures in Faerûn), the Company-4-Hire finds itself fragmented:

  • Montano is dead, despite the party’s best attempts to resurrect him;

Along with their newest recruit,Talisid the Dimensionalist, the party stole the artifact known as the Farseer of Illusk, destroyed the teleportation circle-link between Castle Naerytar and the Hunting Lodge in the Greypeak Mountains, captured and geased Frulam Mondath and discovered that the treasures pillaged by the Cult of the Dragon were being delivered to a floating fortress at Parnast.

The party has since been invited to a secret meeting within Waterdeep where various factions of the Sword Coast are now congregating to share information on the Cult’s increased activity and the perhaps agree on a way forward, together.

In the City of Splendours, the party met up with Sir Isteval who knew of their exploits in Baldur’s Gate. He believed that the Cult of the Dragon was but one of many of dangers Faerûn now faced, referring to his conversations with the infamous Elminster, about the era known as the Time of Troubles, the Spellplague and the returning of the Weave. The party agreed to Sir Isteval’s Request to travel to the Icewind Dale region to seek out and put an end to a growing evil;


  • While Janice Wynn and Chord follow the trail of the cleric; and
  • Unbeknownst to all, Croaker, has returned to the Known World, and is attempting to repay a debt.

Mystara Campaign: The Journey...

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