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Scourge of the Iron Ring Tyranny of Dragons

New Pages Uploaded/Amended in December ’17
Chapter 7 – Using Ability Scores and all related.
5e Optional and Variant Rules Adopted

New Pages Created in December ’17
The Time of Heroes
Scourge of the Iron Ring
The Time of Heroes Campaign History

Plannned to complete in the next 3 Weeks
Week 11/12/2017 – 15/12/2017 Complete Pages Jamal Al-Fayeed, Can Gods really Die? and It Ends with Blood
Week 18/12/2017 – 22/12/2017 Complete Pages Might, Werescalot and Luln
Week 25/12/2017 – 29/12/2017 Complete Pages Way-Point, Ambush at the Mill, Another Dragon Hatchery, Haunting of Calrow Ruins and The Sargasso Sea

Mystara Campaign: The Journey...

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