Mystara: The Journey...

Croaker Returns

A Dark Request

Just outside Specularm (5 Eirmont 997 AC)

Once he recovered from the nausea and disorientation, Croaker steadied himself and looked around. A smile played across his lips as he remembered fondly the last time they had all been here. Kneeling he bent and kissed the earth before him.

Instinctively he touched his face, searching for any traces of his orc heritage. Nothing. He sighed heavily. He hated that he hadn’t informed Mills and Aidan of his plans, but that had been the arrangement he had made and he knew all too well what happened when he crossed His path. He did not want to involve them in this mess. He couldn’t.

She would be found in Traladara, He has said. All Croaker was given was her name, nothing else, not even a description. The only silver-lining being that the name was peculiar, possibly making the search for her easier.

“Zuggtmoy,” Croaker said, shaking his head at the strange-sounding name.


Demetrios Demetrios

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