Mystara: The Journey...

His Eminence, Loric II

Buried History

Selenica, Great Cathedral of Darokin Church in Anna Square, Hallonica Quarter (14 Fyrmont 997 AC)

The meeting with the level-headed Captain Justinian and his subordinates ran longer than expected and by the time they took their leave one could hear the sounds of the cocks crowing. After the militia left, you finally settled in for a much needed and deserved rest after an impressively long adventuring day.

It was a little after noon, when the lot of you made your way down to the common area of the inn which was relatively empty. The traumatic events of the previous day meant most of the townsfolk would be trying to find loved ones and piece their lives back together.

Unsurprisingly, there was a visitor awaiting you; the Traladaran Cleric, Landries, who assisted you on the subterranean bridge against the gnolls, their witch and her pet troll. He informed you that the clergy leadership had insisted on a meeting this morning,.. an unavoidable meeting. Landries fell silent, letting the significance of his wording sink in. He explained he requested to alone escort you rather than have some official entourage “order” you to follow them which might have made things worse.
Landries spared you any hopes of expecting much understanding from the clergy, warning you that his colleagues were both anxious and irritated and that this morning’s proceedings would not be easy. It was not lost on you that Landries and Father Kalin with regards to their support of you had now been reversed.

He further informed you that the party’s midnight affair with Captain Justinian had not gone unnoticed, and it only seemed to have added further insult to those of the cloth. As you stepped out onto the street and made your way to the arranged meeting, you observed an increase presence of the city guard. Captain Justinian was not taking any chances.

The clergy had opted to meet at Darokin Church’s Great Cathedral in Anna Square within the Hallonica Quarter. The Great Cathedral of Selenica was one of the city’s architectural marvels: A large, tall, three story stone-made, gothic-building which dominated the square. Its coloured stained windows, intricate decorative carvings, religious statuettes, marble steps and large welcoming doors only added to this wonder.

The wonder was quickly lost some 30 minutes later when the Archbishop of the Cathedral, his Eminence Ioric II, a healthy man in his late 60’s, lambasted the party for ‘deliberately evading’ the clergy’s questions the night before. Slamming his hand hard on the table, his Eminence accused Gotryk of disregarding those of superior rank, undermining clerical authority and participating, along with his “arrogant, uneducated, glory-seeking, treasure-greedy, condescending cohorts” treason against both of the churches by revealing the long-kept secret of Thanos Ansalon to Captain Justinian and his officers after his word had been given to Father Kalin. Of course there were technicalities in the issue of treason: That it was Croaker not Gotryk that betrayed the church’s secret; that Gotryk was the one responsible for the actions of his Guild Members which Croaker was a member of; but that at the time Croaker was in the employ of the Darokinian Military. It was all getting rather messy and rather complicated.

To Mills, the argument could have been distilled down to Principles and Duty versus Reason/Logic, a debate that had the potential to be more intellectually stimulating than the one currently engaged in. Sadly the opportunity appeared to have been lost on all present but Mills did give a dangerous amount of thought to mentioning it……loudly and interruptively.
Aidan had long checked out of the discussion, his mind still focussed on the previous day’s events where Thanos Ansalon, an undead no less, had literally offended him to his face…..not just once, but multiple times; he was damn sure of it! It didn’t help matters when the rest of the party had dismissed his protestations at this deep, and personal affront.
Montano could not help not staring at an incredibly long strand of white hair growing out of Ioric’s left eyebrow. Someone needs to tweeze this. I cannot possibly be the only one to have noticed it. By Kagyar’s beard it is long! As the conversation progressed, his Eminence’s increased expressive actions allowed the strand to become the ever-growing centrepiece of this dispute, at least so it appeared to Montano. Just one good pull. That’s is all it will take and this will all be over.
Gotryk felt the issue had become tiresome and he found he was repeating himself. He had heard enough, he found his mind drifting to thoughts about Janice. His far away, glazed-eyed smile only increased the clergy’s annoyance and anger.

“Did you not think we would notice when you brought back decapitated heads?” his Eminence’s voice was painfully whiny. Father Kalin Luciu sighed. At that moment a loud commotion was heard coming from the adjoining room. It was followed by some angry shouting and ended with the doors abruptly opening. Immediately, almost everyone got to their feet, but none faster than Croaker.


“Well that Commander Arundel is quite a character. Haven’t been talked down to like that in years. Even Mill’s kept quiet. Boy did he let us all have it, he didn’t spare anyone in the room, except of course…” said Aidan finally breaking the silence of their slow walk back to the inn.

“Are my cheeks still red?” asked Montano, “They feel red.”

“That look on the Archbishop’s face was totally worth it though,” added Aidan, completely ignoring Montano who was busy touching his cheeks.

“I wonder what that business with Croaker was,” said Mills.

“Hmm,” replied Montano, “I imagine he is being recalled to Fort Hobart. What else could it be?”

Gotryk kept quiet and smiled inwardly. He wondered if Mudd had recognised him.


Demetrios Demetrios

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