Mystara: The Journey...

Hunting Canines

Selenica's Buried History

The Ancient Catacombs of Selenica (13 Fyrmont 997 AC)

 There is no natural light source and the filthy murky water, black in colour, offers no true reflection. The water itself reminds you of an enormous black pudding and you feel that your clothing and equipment is slowly dissolving in its very presence;

The horrifying darkness is temporarily pushed back by Ka’s light, but with every step deeper into these forgotten corridors, the unwavering darkness swallows back lost ground;

 The stench here is unbearable, like a thick paste, seeping into your nose, ears, mouth and skin, dominating every smell with an uncaring ruthlessness which is hard to ignore. You struggle to not throw up;

 In your haste and to not let fear take hold, you make the conscious decision to ignore the strange sensations and movement sometimes felt by the submerged part of your body. And when you do sometimes give in to your curiosity, your search ends up empty;

 The catacombs reveal violently formed entrances evidenced from the warped and twisted stone, without which, would have made it otherwise impossible to enter them. The passages are wide, and the ceilings low, which appear to be even lower given the considerable height of the water levels;

 Corpses of frogs, rats and other vermin float in the water aimlessly, and at certain points you find the life-sucked shells of recently deceased gnolls indicating, along with markings on the walls, that the ominous path taken by the group is in fact correct;

 You have long past the point where the map was of any use, this is uncharted terrain – and besides the gnolls and defiler that recently travelled through here, you are almost certain that the subterranean passageways have been absent of life for decades if not centuries;

 Although physically your body is free of fatigue and injury, and this mostly due to the work of the clerics, your mind and spirit is weary of the events of the last few hours, knowing a night’s rest would certainly go far to boost your alertness and confidence levels;

 Taking a moment you think back on the Curate’s words of encouragement, before your thoughts are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Croaker rising out of the water before you. The glint in his eyes, reveal he has something to tell you. You steel yourself for the news and what is to come.


Demetrios Demetrios

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