Emilio the Great

Outlandish Outgoing Thespian


He is a high-strung, creative soul. He is tall and rakish in appearance. He is 40, black haired, wears a natty, thin moustache. His eyes are brown and dresses from what you have always observed, in high-quality formal clothes, and carries a silver-headed cane.

His mannerisms are overblown, needlessly projecting and “act-ing”.


Emilio (full name unknown) is a Darokinian wanderer who for the last 25 years has been, according to himself, trying to give the peoples of the world the enlightenment and enrichment that only theatrical performance can bring. In short he is an actor and writer of plays, and for the last 5 years the leader of a theatrical troupe sponsored by Estella Whitehall, the ambassador from the Republic of Darokin.

It is believed he took an instant liking to Cashuss Petronas and expressed to him an interest in writing a play about him, the Guild, or even his deceased associate Ganamere. The discussion was very much in its infancy. He however had no patience for Bronn and his utter lack of musical talents.

Emilio the Great

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