Kael Kyllin

The beacon of Light against the forces of Darkness



Kael Kyllin, Half-elven Paladin, Oath of the Ancients, Level 9, NG

STR 10
DEX 18
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 16

Racial bonus +2 Cha, +1 Dex, +1 Con
Feats: Lvl 4 +2 Dex
Lvl 8 Sharpshooter

HP: 76
AC: 16 / 18 with shield
Saves: Wis, Cha

Acrobatics 8
Arcana 4
Athletics 4
Insight 4
Perception 4
Persuasion 7

Languages: Common, Elvish, Sylvan, Undercommon, Dwarvish

Combat style: Archery

Background: Faction Agent – Harpers

Gear: 47/50lb
Breastplate 20lb
Shield 6lb
Longbow 2lb
Rapier 2lb
Arrows 20 1lb
Traveling garb 4lb
Backpack 5lb
Water skin 5lb
Food ration 2lb

Riding horse
• Saddle
• Bit and bridal
• Saddlebags
• Feed
• Water skin x 4
• Bedroll
• Sacks x 4
• Rope
• Tent
• Axe
• Dagger
• Spare Bow and strings


Lithe, good looking and a natural archer, Kael leans more towards elven than human, although he accepts both sides of his nature fully.

5ft 9 he has long blonde hair, a short beard and green eyes. His shield bears the older version of Corellon’s holy symbol , a crescent moon as was used in ancient times. His breastplate also prominently displays this symbol in silver.
His armour and weapons are adorned with vine and leaf designs and he wears an antlered open face helm to show his connection to the old ways of Elf and Fey.

He rides a great pale fey elk named Glimmer that he summons using his Find Mount spell.

Trait – Not the brightest soul, Kael continually tries to pass on the wisdom of the ancients, but often misquotes sacred texts and sayings. His other rather noticeable trait is that he smiles. A lot. He has different smiles for happy, worried, angry etc, but few people seem to be able to tell them apart easily.

Ideal – Goodness and light must be nurtured above all else to stay ahead of the forces of darkness.

Bond – Staying true to the Oath of the Ancients is what drives Kael. It is the fundamental core of his path in life.

Flaw – Human emotion runs strong in this Half elf’s blood and while he always tries to be friendly and agreeable, he tends to overdo things, trying too hard, being too friendly, etc. He is often thought of as being sarcastic as a result…

What makes a Halfelven Paladin?

Born of two worlds of Harper parents who died fighting to make their world a better place, Kael Kyllin was raised amidst legacies and legends of heroes of the past battling evil. According to their dying wishes he grew up spending time at both a Harper orphanage/safe house and an elven priesthood of Corellon Larethian, whose teachings embody the essence of the Elven people.
Amongst the Elves of the sacred grove of Corellon Larethian, he found a sense of peace and a deep sense of belonging. Within the ancient teachings Kael found a sense of peace, belonging and purpose as a paladin following the ancient Elven version of the Oath of the Ancients.
Kael hopes his parents are proud of him honors their memory by continuing to try and make the world a brighter and safer place.

He has a special fondness towards Mistress Henderley and her brother, Jessop who run the orphanage/safe house where he spent time growing up amongst human children and culture. They were essentially his foster parents and embody the sort of simple good-natured kindness that Kael deeply respects. Although getting on in years, they still manage things and he still visits when he gets a chance, or at least writes to them of his adventures and the things he has seen.

Amongst the clergy where he trained Kael has a lover, Milliandria, and they have a loose relationship that she refuses to cement into anything more defined or permanent. He has not had opportunity to see her in several months…

Kael believes his faith guides his path through life and takes occurrences as signs and portents send to show him the way. His human nature leads him to be somewhat overenthusiastic in his actions and convictions – arguably a good thing for a paladin.
Kael can be rather literal minded when it comes to matters of faith. He believes ones inner light shines brightest when you smile, so he strives to be an example to others and smiles almost all the time. This has earned him obvious nicknames in certain circles.

Kael Kyllin

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