Kavah Amrak

Saw your face in the flames...


As it is written.


The lady speaks to me. They call me heathen, pariah. But I hear her words. Her words are flames that burn my mind.

The holy teachers sought to have me renounce her. To acknowledge Amaunator as the sun. But he is a false god. A puppet for the outsider god, Lathandar.

At’ar is the light. At’ar is the truth.

I would not turn from her. In desperation they cast me out. Sent me out into the endless sands to perish. But though At’ar is without mercy, she rewards the faithful.

I do not know if I did succumb out on the dune sea. My memories are not my own. By day I would walk in her glory, tested to my limits. At night the demons would come, clawing at my soul.

For countless days I spoke to the flames, her daughters and messengers. I entreated for guidance, asking her will. Before I fell, the fire showed me the way. Those I needed to seek.

It was as a dream, I was freed by her grace and their actions.

When I awoke I was no longer in the desert. The sands were at my back. I knew I needed to find them, those from another world, those that released me. For I saw their faces in the flames, and great was their peril.

Kavah Amrak

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