Mills Klantyre

Weapon and Armour Expert



8th Level Fighter, 2nd Level Wizard-Diviner
Height 6 ’6 ft and 230 lb, hp 90, AC 19 (21 with a shield)


18 Str (Mills’ great stature allows effective troll punching)
12 Dex (his footwork is certain and his hands steady)
16 Con (Mills could eat his armor… and gain nutrition)
13 Int (a mind that is a cut above the rest)
10 Wis (averagely stubborn, reckless and know-it-all)
8 Cha (…me…leader??…pffft…eff off…..)

Skills (add 4 plus relevant attribute modifier)

Athletics - strength or constitution
(bears wonder what to do in case of a Mills attack!)
Acrobatics - dexterity
(polearms require fancy footwork)
Insight - wisdom or intelligence
(that one’s definitely a liar… and a moron…)
Perception - wisdom
(Gotryk was teleported….not disintegrated, duh!)
Survival - wisdom or intelligence
(people can’t seem to survive without Mills…)
Investigation- intelligence or wisdom
(hmm, it’s….almost….exactly as I thought)
Arcana - intelligence
(If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself)

Smith’s Tools - strength, dexterity, or intelligence
(my shield is designed for quick release)
Woodcarver’s Tools - dexterity or intelligence
(how the eff did all these wood shavings get into my house!)


Attrib +2 Str ( push ups AND pull ups were in my training regime )
Heavy Armor Master ( a Master of Heavy Armors…impressive )
Great Weapon Master ( yet another Mastery? get out of here! )
Polearm Master ( three times a master?! born to be a…Master. )

Language capability (Starting allotment: 3 – Maximum learnable: 6)
Thyatian (read/write)
Darokinian (read/write)
Faerun Common (read/write)

Acquired Knowledge
Outer Realm Lore (grants bonus to Arcana rolls regarding this subject)


Mills is terse, preferring to hang back from the crowd since he considers most of the crowd to be morons. Though often heavily armoured, he prefers a low profile and has customized his armour, most often achieved with a dirt colored poncho over it. Blending into the background gives him time to size people and situations up (though not always correctly). Though his lack of patience and engagement with people mean few ever look to him to lead, they do look to him for ideas….or a sudden charge into enemy lines.

As a Master of Weapons and Armour in every conceivable way, he wears heavy armours when possible but strips them down as needed for subtler or stealthier missions. His helmet is a piece that he crafted himself, one of his very first, and with sentimental value. Sporting a narrow 180 degree slit for gazing out, the mouth area is open-cut for ease of breathing during exertion, and ofcourse delivering a trademark “eff you” grin after he’s just done something he knows you hate.

Recently, due to a family legacy artefact, he has turned his attention to mastering arcane magic as his mother before him. A chance encounter with an other realm beholder escalated his progress to the level of a skilled initiate, enhancing his natural insight, allowing him glimpses of future events, a sort of deja’ vu.

Now, oftimes,…. while eyeballing some person and thinking to himself things like “gods they’re so stupid” and other wonderments at their stupidity, he knows for a fact that they are stupid, thanks to this deja’vu.

He is known to walk over to the “stupid” person to “accidentally” shoulder barge into them with surprising force, and then…. just keep walking, a broad smile forming on his face as he listens to their exclamations of shock and anger fading behind.



Mills grew up in Darokin but his ancestry goes back to immigrants from Glantri in the 780s, and distant connections to one of Darokin’s larger, arms merchants, MacAlleyn House. He was born into a privileged family, a fact he’d prefer people not to know.

He is the second youngest of five siblings whom he no longer has any contact. His parents were in the employ of the Mayor of a border town where they lived, but were killed by raiders when he was still a child. Mills’ mind was keen, naturally possessing the temperament to digest and learn from life’s lessons which most people lack. It was therefore inevitable that he soon realized everyone was basically full of shit. He came to prefer the shortened Mills, rather than his official birth name “Millington” after his parents died.

As he entered adulthood he detested his elder siblings because of their rules and their unthinking adherence to the social hierarchy of the border town. This soon led to a bitter falling out; a tale for another time. He left to join the military.

He excelled there and became a recon specialist, favouring working alone or in small groups. Almost went career, but after a decade, their hierarchy began to chaff too much too and he departed, having attained the rank of Captain, when his last service tour ended.

Background: Outlander

Background feature: Wanderer
You have an excellent memory for maps and geography, and you can always recall the general layout of terrain, settlements, and other features around you. In addition, you can find food and fresh water for yourself and up to five other people each day, provided that the land offers berries, small game, water, and so forth.

Personality Traits:
Money and manners more often hide the blade aimed at your back.
I enjoy being strong and like breaking things.
Greater Good. It is each person’s responsibility to not be stupid.
Self-Knowledge. If you know yourself, you are better off…
Improvement. Pursuit of knowledge complements self knowledge
I distanced myself from society because I loved someone I could not have.
Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.
Tends to question everything and often disagrees with whatever your position is…
Will put himself in great danger to protect those closest to him.

Belief system
Mills worships no gods. He acknowledges that they exist, grudgingly admits their healers are useful, but wonders at the motivation behind such acts, and final cost. He is uninterested in the details of the pantheon since they are all so similar to him.

He considers worshipers reckless due to their blind allegiance with a powerful entity they cannot really ever know, and when he found out the exact patron that Gotryk follows he finds it difficult to reconcile Gotryk’s reverence for dragon-kind with the predatory reality of those beasts.

Poor (2 silver while on the road)
Modest (1 gold in cities)
Higher lifestyle only upon special occasions

Class Abilities
Fighting Style: Defense
Second wind
Pushing manuver
Parry manuver
Precision manuver
Disarm manuver
Evasive footwork manuver
Know your opponent

Spell Casting Style: Conservative
Ritual Spell Casting
Wizard Spell Casting
Arcane Recovery

Pack Mule (carrying 194lb)
(His name is “Mules” and is currently with the Darokin Elves on Mystara)
10lb worth of straps/harnesses (to hold all this kit, nothing kinky)
8lb Bag of caltrops x4
5lb Wood carvers tools
8lb Smiths tools
20lb Camping tarp and pitons
10lb Camping supplies (cutlery, soap, etc)
7lb Bedroll
20lb spare clothes
10lb Silk Rope 100ft
10lb Torches x10
6lb healers kit x2
20lb Waterskin x4
20lb Rations x10
40lb Animal feed

WarHorse (carrying 80lb)
(Warhorse is currently with the Darokin Elves on Mystara)
AC 11/14 w/barding, hp 20, speed 60, hooves, 4 tohit, 2d6+4 dmg
30lb Military saddle
40lb warhorse’s barding (brigandine leathers)
6lb Lance

On person (carries 84lb of 90lb max)
65lb Platemail
3lb Residuum shard weapon (can assume any shape) (right hip/waist)
1lb Fine quality woodcarving knife (right boot)
2lb Chest-Belt Harness; holds upto 3 potions (torso)
- see character sheet
1lb Sunrod belt; holds upto 2 sunrods (left thigh)
6lb Resupply/utility Satchel (rear waist)
- see character sheet

Coin purse: see Admin
other trinkets: none

Personal Travel pack (total weight 46 lb)
Inside pack (26lb)
6 lb Rations x3
5lb Waterskin
5lb change of clothes
1lb Towel
1lb soap and scrubbing brush
1lb abjurers scroll cases filled with lower level abjurer spells
3lb abjurers spellbook
4lb weapon and armor maintenance kit
Strapped to outside (15lb)
15lb Abjurers lore books and notes

Adventuring Pack (total weight 34lb)
Inside (20lb)
2lb sacks x4
6lb one case of x5 1pint oil flasks, flint
2lb sunrods x4
3lb Healers kit
5lb waterskin
2lb Climbing claws (rubber sap coated)
Strapped to outside (9lb)
9lb Silk Rope 50ft + hook

Mills Klantyre

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