Commander Jeremiah 'Mudd' Arundel

Commander of Fort Hobbart


Burly overweight fellow, bearded, with mostly unkempt long brown hair, usually dressed in leathers and armed with a longsword.

He is demonstrative, loud, authoritative, opinionated and enjoys his drinking.


Was originally part of The Rats of Corunglain before being arrested and forced into the militia life. Initially placed along the southern border patrols of the Cruth Mountains, he moved his way up the ranks until he was selected to take command of Fort Hobart.

When in private with Gotryk Korrin he sometimes affectionately refers to him as Trick.

He has a deep personal distrust for the elves of Alfheim given their actions and the way they enforce exclusivity. He describes the Canolbarth Forest as a sentient forest which is unsafe, untrustworthy and unnatural.

Commander Jeremiah 'Mudd' Arundel

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