Sir Robert Ambrosius

Deceased Duke of Baldur's Gate



Sir Robert Ambrosius (a.k.a Patch) , Human Paladin (Vengeance)

AC 20

STR : 16
DEX : 10
CON : 18
WIS : 10
INT : 10
CHR : 14

Racial Bonus : +1 Con(human), +1 Str(human)
Other Bonus + 1 Str(heavy armor master), +1 Con(Resilient), + 2 Con(ability score improvement)
Feats : Resilient, heavy armor master
Skills : Athletics, Perception, Survival, Medicine and History.

Languages : Common, Dwarvish, Orc
Combat Style : Dueling, +2 to damage roles when wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapon in the other.
Background : Inheritor
Gear: Plate mail, shield, Battle axe, Warhammer


Robert Ambrosius is the son of a landed knight in Creek Valley.

Although not being a wealthy family they owned some land in the countryside, with the majority of the family living in a modest estate in the capital.

Robert’s journey to adulthood was difficult. He lost his oldest brother to a duel and his father to a mysterious illness, and finally his future, as the fourth son would never inherit the title he would be required to earn a lesser supportive one; either a knighthood or clergy title. Robert was happy enough about this lot tho, as either way he was finally getting out of the backwater farmlands and was going to the Capital! At least his only sister was happily married to the fourth son of a Baron.

A choice was made and Robert was sent to the temple. When asked, Robert never tells stories of his first years of studying but certainly tells tales about the nights with girls and wine. Not long after he made initiate and the Great War against the non-humans began.

Robert was conscripted into the Army as a field medic and did well all through the first campaign. It was during this period that his personality started its way to bitterness as he had to watch his second eldest brother die while in his care, of a wound created from foul magick trickery. He was entrusted to return the family armour and weapons once worn by his esteemed father back to the family hold. Here he witnessed his third eldest brother take the mantel of leadership of the family.

Robert was barely over the loss of second brother, with whom he was close, when a massive defeat at the hands of a the non humans plunged the land into the second campaign against the Horde. Robert found solace in his position as experienced medic and this time volunteered. During the battles that followed he had his finest moment and it did not go unnoticed. It began as an innocuous medical emergency callout behind a push that ended with the push failing and withdrawing leaving Robert defending a fallen comrade single handedly from battle group of orcs. Robert still maintains he had the situation well in hand without the charge of a group of cavaliers.

Robert was invited to join the Paladin Order a few days after his selfless deed, and this started his ascent to prestige and making his family proud. The war was a violent one where he learnt the art of battle and healing. He made and lost many friends and his hatred for no-humans grew to a pinnacle the day he lost his whole unit to a magical spell from their foul shaman. He promised to revenge himself upon the creature. He survived the attack and once recovered, recruited a few like minded paladins he knew and formed the “Band on the hand”.
This was the blossoming of his Paladin career which was acknowledge with the binding of his trusted war horse “Reckless”.

Revenge was to be swift. Through the period of a year the Hand become a moral corner stone of the army and pursued the Shaman where ever he maneuvered. The end of the shaman also marked the end of the war, with no foe to fight the Hand was disbanded and its members returned home.

Sir Robert Ambrosius

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