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The Party’s Present Status

The Mills and Aidan are currently in Baldur’s Gate, while Croaker has left the party and his travelling the Sword Coast on his own.
Gotryk Korrin is currently in Alfheim in search of way to return to the world of Faerun..

Darokinian Coin

Mills Klantyre carries 50 gold coins
Aidan has lost all his Darokinian gold.
Gotryk Korrin has withdrawn all the Company’s money from the Darokin Bank in the form of CLOC (Certified Letters of Credit). He is currently carrying the CLOC valued close to 4,350 Darokinian gold on his person along with 982 gold coins.

Faerûn Coin

Mills Klantyre’s current net financial position is 246 gold coins and 12 silver coins.
Aidan Riordan is currently carrying 15 gold coins and 5 silver coins
Kavah Amrak is currently carrying 2,394 gold coins and 55 silver coins.
Namshiel is currently carrying 200 gold coins and 15 silver coins

Kael Kyllin is currently carrying 919 gold coins and 5 silver coins


Mills Klantyre and Aidan Riordan possess:
2 large boxes with various books (journals, historical tomes and arcana related books) taken from the lair of the Abjurer.
A large sack of spell-casting components and instruments.
3 scroll-cases containing several lower level abjuration spells.

Less: Two tomes, specifically dealing with Abjuration which were stolen during the Aftermath.

Magical Items

Aidan Riordan is currently carrying Ring of Warmth (Attuned), Ring of Languages (Attuned), a Gem of Brightness (Attuned) and Manacles of Magic Suppression.
Mills Klantyre is currently carrying Warhammer with the Shapechange Quality (Attuned)
Potions of Darkness, Growth, Fire Resistance and Hill Giant Strength,
Namshiel is currently carrying a Dagger with the Gleaming Quality


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