Adventures in Faerûn

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Darokin The Accounting Campaign History Tyranny of Dragons

Chapter 1

In an attempt to rescue the kidnapped Alfheim elves that were taken through a bad magic point portal within the Canolbarth Forest, the Company stepped through the obsidian gate to find themselves on a Way-Point occupied by a large Githayanki scouting party.

Considering themselves seriously outmatched, Aidan Riordan, with a great amount of difficulty, reactivated the Way-Point and the teleportation circle transported them to an alien world in a place they later found out was referred to as the Sword Coast, specifically the town called Greenest which was at the moment of their arrival, under assault (refer Greenest in Flames).

Using magic to bypass the language barrier and through heroics the Company established itself as an anomaly which could affect the success of the Cult of the Dragon and therefore arrangements were made to eliminate them as a possible threat.

And so during a moment of carelessness Company4Hire suffered their first major loss as they walked unassumingly into an ambush. Their leader Gotryk Korrin banished back to the Republic of Darokin, their bard Montano died bleeding out from the numerous wounds he sustained, while their sorcerer Aidan Riordan was knocked unconscious to be kidnapped (refer Ambush at the Mill).

The two remaining members, joined with a pair of paladins native to Faerûn, Sir Robert Ambrosius and Kael Kyllin successfully managed to rescue Aidan Riordan from the Dragon Hatchery, but not before Frulam Mondath and her half-dragon bodyguard Langdedrosa Cyanwrath managed to escape.
However, the party succeeded in obtaining a location of the abjurer who orchestrated the ambush.

Chapter 2

Back at Greenest, the group made the decision to split:

Croaker and Leosin Erlanthar, along with the body of Montano, travelled to Baldur’s Gate to seek out the necromancer Ysuran Auondril in the hopes that he could resurrect the fallen bard.

The second group tracked down and killed the abjurer Esterian at the haunted Calrow Ruins (refer Haunting of Calrow Ruins), thereafter buying a ride on The Ember to Baldur’s Gate. Their voyage was not without some danger – almost finding themselves slaves to the Covey of the Sargasso Sea if they had not had the assistance of a promiscuous djinni and the well-timed arrival of a Githyanki scouting party seeking their silvered-sword (refer The Sargasso Sea).

Chapter 3 Murder in Baldurs Gate

Upon arrival in Baldur’s Gate, the party were declared heroes of the city after they publicly avenged the death of a duke (refer It Begins with Blood), only to find that their new-found popularity embroiled them within a complex political struggle amongst city’s various factions. Adding to their problems, Aidan Riordan’s decision to release the djinni from its imprisonment resulted in the party making enemies with an influential merchant-prince of Little Calimshan (refer A City Divided).
Meanwhile the attempt to resurrect Montano proved only to be partially successful…potentially causing a further delay in the group’s return to the Republic of Darokin.

The day before the state funeral of the Late Duke and Commander of the Flaming Fist, the party made one last attempt to awake Montano from his coma. It was not to be, however his companions took solace in the fact that they rescued their friend from a fate far worse than death (refer Rule of Three).

The next week saw the party make strategic alliances with the Flaming Fist and Duke Silvershield as they attempted to stop the city’s rapid descent into chaos (refer A City Torn Apart, Restoring Order and Spiralling out of Control).
Revelations about the late duke’s history and the Cult of Bhaal shed some light onto the city’s recent ongoings (refer On the Brink of Destruction).

It finally all culminated when the Chosen of Bhaal was defeated by the Heroes during the Feast of the Moon (refer Can Gods really Die? and Feast of Death). In Aftermath the results of the heroic efforts of the adventurers finally come to pass as Baldur’s Gate begins to rebuild.
Almost a month later, Imbralym Skoond made his re-emergence leaving behind a trail of corpses (refer It Ends with Blood)

Chapter 4

Several weeks of the defeat of Bhaal, Leosin Erlanthar, the Harper Agent rescued from the Raiders’ Camp sends word to the Champions of Baldur’s Gate requesting their urgent assistance at a small settlement just off the Trade Way past Waterdeep near the ever-expanding Mere of the Dead Men. Leosin and Kael Kyllin brought the party up to speed on the Cult of the Dragon‘s ongoings, (refer Cult on the Road and Cult at Carnath House) as well as the cult’s presence at Castle Naerytar.
The party agreed, after successfuly negotiating a fee with the Harpers (refer Employed by the Harpers), to undertake some reconnaissance work with the possilibility of leveraging the information found with the uneasy alliance that existed between the various factions at the castle.

Chapter 5

In Waterdeep, the adventurers were invited by fellow friends and allies to a Council meeting at the Lord’s Palace, and make their presentations to a delegates from various dissident factions about their recent adventures and dealings with the Cult of the Dragon. Although the various factions all seem nominally committed to stopping the Cult, none of the delegates have made any substantive pledges. Too much mistrust still burdens the factions.
Leosin Erlanthar believes the leaders need someone to show them the right path, while Sir Isteval believes a greater threat looms.

Chapter 6

The party arrived in Fireshear and quickly departed for the Ten Towns (refer Ten Trail). Their arrival in Bryn Shander was not without incident (refer Arrival in Bryn Shander) as they had to contend with Slim, a tough running some sort of protection racket and rescuing an innocent barbarian from certain death. The barbarian, Hengar Aensnvaard, was a representative of the Tribe of the Elk who was seeking assistance from the Ten Towns against a mysterious Ice Witch.
Together with Hengar the party makes it way to the Reghed Glacier (refer Crossing the Tundra).

Adventures in Faerûn

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