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The following Mystara Campaigns either currently exist or have run their course within our group:


Darokin The Accounting starts at the end of 997 AC, almost a ten-year since Corwyn Mauntea was named Chancellor by the Merchant Council. It is a period where the nations of the Known World are at peace, a result attributed greatly due to the efforts of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps.


The Rise and Fall spans the period 989 AC – 999 AC.

  • After a rather successful adventuring career, the first party’s demise ended upon the accidental release of the demon Zuggtmoy from the Temple of Elemental Evil near Stallanford. This marked the end of the Silver Talons era.
  • The second party continued immediately after the first, but on its way to Castellan Keep, in an attempt to deal with the cultist threat, the party of mismatched individuals lost two of its members attempting to escape from a stronghold in the Altan Tepes, the abode of a long forgotten Lich.


The Reformation of Soderfjord was a mini-capaign beginning and ending in 946 AC as a group of youngsters successfully made their way to the Thing carrying with them the only copy of a rough draft of the Treaty of Allied Dominions, which Treaty had the potential to change the future of the Soderfjord Jarldoms. The perilous journey was fraught with assassins, opportunists, sold-out Jarls as well as Ostland agents not wishing to risk the Treaty being formally adopted at the Thing.


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