First Session Ramblings

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Adventures in Faerûn Tyranny of Dragons

Can the Cult even attempt such a thing? Is it even possible…to summon forth the Dragon Queen?

The Cult seems to think so.

Can we even afford to take the risk by waiting?

It is speculated amongst scholars and respected clergy that the Dragon Queen is a resident of Baator. Opening up a portal to such a place would be disastrous.

It might not be a portal so much as a summoning ritual, specifically calling on her.

Yes, but can they do that? Summon a goddess.

Need I remind you all of the Time of Troubles.

This would not be the first time beings wielding such power walked freely along the Sword Coast.

Yes but as I understood it, that was not as a result of human, mortal meddling.

Suppose they can, why would they? My brief knowledge of the Cult is that they do not revere The Dark Lady, but instead have historically sought out evil dragons and attempted to convinced them to transcend into dracolich state. Such is the mad-reading of the texts by their founder Sammaster. This does not correlate with the reports we are hearing of the Cult now. I fear we are missing part of the story or we are being played.

How trust worthy is the information we have thus far obtained.

It is true the Keepers of the Hoard as they are also referred to venerated evil undead dragons.

The information is extremely reliable, from the lips of Wearers of Purple themselves.

By the Light of Selune, could it possibly be…that Severin is indeed summoning Tiamat – in order to reanimate her, the mother of all evil dragons, in dracolich form?

That would be a horrid thought.

The ramifications of that…

The discussion eventually shifts

What about the Church of Tiamat, are they involved?

Nothing has been uncovered on that end.

I wonder if this has anything to do with what is happening in Murghom where there has been an increase in dragon activity.
I very much doubt it.

Moving on, who is this Severin anyways? What do we know of him besides the obvious?

Nothing really, the name is Calishite, his rise within the Cult has been swift and at times ruthless. As far as we have uncovered, the organisation’s history doesn’t reveal any information on him older than 10 years. He is referred to as a Wyrmspeaker.


Yes there are 5 of them, each representing a different colour of the chromatic dragons. They are said to possess a sacred mask which reflects their chosen colour.

Anything special about these masks?

They are enchanted and important somehow to Tiamat’s grand entrance.

Where did they find them? Who made them?

This is information is not known, apparently Severin knew of their existence and instructed the remaining Wyrmspeakers to uncover them.

This is all quite bizarre. If such masks existed surely the Church would have known about them first?


So these attacks on the countryside and the pillaging of our merchant routes…

A hoard for their Majesty.

Is it really necessary, I mean couldn’t they have gone on with their plans in secret? Being so active just brought more attention to themselves. Surely they expected a reprisal?

Interesting question.

For all their long years and intelligence dragons, good and the bad, still desire treasures perhaps it’s the same with Tiamat. It might not have been helped.

That seems unlikely.

A tribute then upon her arrival. She is afterall a deity.

That reason seem to have some merit.

But still, their actions brought about all their enemies to unite. Surely they cannot be THIS confident that they will succeed against all of us.

Not unless…They have planned for this possibility and we are just not aware or…


They are further along in their schemes than we originally thought.

First Session Ramblings

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