Fort Hobart

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The Hand of Man Castles, Forts and Keeps

Ft. Hobart is one of the most dangerous posts within the Darokin army. The fort is entirely responsible for keeping the orcs and other dangerous humanoids in northwest Darokin from harassing Darokin Road caravans, or even worse, raiding Selenica. The orcs have shown a preference for moving south directly through Ft. Hobart’s position, not wishing to tangle with the elves and dwarves on either side.


The fort is manned by troops from the Second Army, the “Orc Smashers.” The Second is headquartered in Selenica, and one legion is kept there on a rotating basis to give the troops a break from front-line duty. The other five legions – between 4,800 and 5,300 fighting troops, plus 1,200 support personnel – serve at Ft. Hobart. Soldiers’ families are not allowed anywhere near the fort.

It is the arguably the strongest and finest fort in the Republic. Situated in a narrow pass that is the only route south from the Orclands, Ft. Hobart blocks the pass completely with 15 foot high walls of stone.

North of the fort is a palisade, a timber-wall-and-trench construction that is extremely effective against charging troops. In the event of a concerted attack, pikemen also hold the palisade as long as possible, while archers inflict as much damage as possible from high points on either side of the pass.

If the palisade falls, the troops retreat along well rehearsed paths, avoiding the many pit traps littering the open ground between the palisade and the fort itself. An undisciplined attacking group (like a horde of orcs) is likely to suffer heavy losses to the pit traps, and they should be slowed down enough to give the defenders time to secure the gate and continue the defense from inside the fort.


1. Palisade; 2. Pit Traps; 3. Archers; 4. Main Gate; 5. Training Grounds; 6. Barracks;
7. Armour; 8. Officers Headquarters; 9. Headquarters and Command Headquarters;
10. Latrine/Showers; 11. Kitchen, Mess, Recreation; 12. Horse Training Grounds;
13. Smith and Forge; 14. Stables; 15. Guard Tower; 16. Outdoor Recreation; 17. Back Gate

General Troop Position:
Of the 5,000 or so troops stationed at Ft. Hobart only about a third of them are actually in the fort at any one time. The remainder are on constant patrol in the area, trying to hunt down small groups of orcs and harass and delay any large forces before they can surprise the fort in strength.

Fort Hobart

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