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Tyranny of Dragons Adventures in Faerûn A Great Upheaval


The semi-secret society known as the Harpers has been rebuilt several times over its long history. They are a scattered network of spellcasters and spies who advocate equality and covertly oppose the abuse of power. Their focus is on

  • Gathering information throughout Faerûn;
  • Promote fairness and equality through covert means;
  • Thwart tyrants and leaders/governments/orgnisations that grow too powerful;
  • Aid the weak, poor and oppressed.

Those who Harp try keep out of the public eye, preferring secrecy to fame and using knowledge to win the day over brute force. It is well known that their agents move throughout the world with the intent of discovering evil wherever it lurks and destroying it, regardless of how inconvenient that may be to governments, religions or economies.

The rule of law aids peace and fosters freedom, so long as the laws are just and those who enforce them lenient and understanding.

Whatever it takes, a Harper will do. Pride never rules the deeds of a true Harper.

Without a past, no being can appreciate what they have, and where they may be going.


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