Haunting of Calrow Ruins

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Adventures in Faerûn Tyranny of Dragons

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Documentation taken from the dragon hatchery revealed that Esterian, the abjurer that was responsible for the ambush upon party, among other things, was hiding out at the Calrow Ruins, an area south of Candlekeep and to the east of Greenfields.

Calrow Keep, which overlooked Lach Gwyren, a freshwater lake, was once a bastion of security and justice in a dangerous wilderness. However the Keep befell a series of calamities which reduced the keep to ruins, hence the locations current name. Furthermore the ruins were now rumoured to be haunted.

Upon arrival in the local village two hour’s ride from the ruins, the party, now consisting of Aidan Riordan, Kael Kyllin, Mills Klantyre and Sir Robert Ambrosius uncovered that the daughter of the Late Baron Ulrich Nyharidien, the previously rightful owner of Calrow Keep and the greater baronial estate, was in financial distress. Lady Bridgitte Nydaridien approached the party seeking to enlist their services as adventurers in order to claim the ruins in her name, offering successful adventurers to be vassals owning a dozen acres of arable land.

Wishing to obtain the ruined keep in his own name, a feudal noble, Comsfor Polding, being the third son of a noble of little importance desired to claim keep and its associated title. He too made a proposition to party with gold coins being offered as a reward.

Lord Comsfor Polding possessed neither the brawn nor charisma, but he was cunning. A portly man in his forties, roughly shaven this minor Lord was insightful as well as manipulative.

The party made promises to none, but impressed upon them they would do what was within their limits.

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Haunting of Calrow Ruins

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