Jamal Al-Fayeed

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Jamal-Al Fayeed is one of the leading Kingpins of the Guild and controls one of the loudest, liveliest and most chaotic places in Baldur’s Gate, Little Calimshan. The Merchant Prince of Calimshan as he is often referred to, is ruthless and dangerous. Reasonably tall, dark skin, with thick black hair and beard, Jamal is whispered to be demon with the sword.

He often meets guests in the The Courtyard: a large square-shaped stone-slabbed yard surrounded on all sides by large residential blocks which overlook it. On the the other side, the residential blocks are themselves surrounded by a myriad of hawkers and merchants stalls seemingly hiding entrance to the residential blocks.


The scent of cinnamon and the sounds of exotic, reeded instruments often slip over its encircling walls and draw the attention of the curious. Little Calimshan is built in the Calishite style, meaning it is organised as sabban (district), composed of multiple drudachs (neighbourhoods).
Each drudach is walled off, creating compartmentalised hamlets within the district.

The people of Little Calimshan stand out amid other Baldurians because most continue to wear the fashions of the south regardless of the local weather. Speaking their own breathy tongue, Alzhedo, is a point of pride, although nearly all of them can communicate in Common and Chondathan well enough to be understood. These little acts of rebellion against local custom speak both to the continuing friction between their settlement and the rest of Baldur’s Gate, and to the desire of many to return to live in the south.

The Calishites’ desire for the goods of their homeland has prompted overland traders from the south to deliver cargo directly to Little Calimshan. This commercial route started with the fortuitous sale of a few things the traders just happened to have, but now the caravans are bringing such good in as much bulk as they can manage.
Baldurians who are interested in purchasing silks, Golden Sands beer, items made of Calishite steel, and other esoterica now regularly exit the city to buy from Little Calimshan bazaars, which is open to outsiders for a few hours around midday each day.
This turn of events cause some consternation in the Parliament of Peers due to lost revenue from taxes at Baldur’s Gate and port fees, but the Council of Four has eased these concerns by instituting a special tax on business conducted in a “fortification within the lands of entitlement.”

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Jamal Al-Fayeed

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