Known World

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The Known World is a diverse melting point on the eastern portion of the continent known as Brun along with the lands of the Sea of Dawn, comprising of a variety of nations, people and cultures.

The inhabitants are predominantly humans of all races, as well as a myriad creatures such as elves, dwarves, hin, goblins, orcs, giants and dragons.

To the distant northwest of the Known World, across the Great Waste, lays the lands of Hule. Also on the periphery of the Known World are the Kingdoms of Wendar and Denagoth, the first an elven-dominated nation and the latter a mountainous and dark ominous realm. The Adri Varma lies between Sind, Wendar, The Great Waste and the Black Peak Mountains forming the northern border of Principalities of Glantri and defining the northwestern limits of the region.

The most notable nations of the Known World are:

Atruaghin Clans Broken Lands Emirates of Ylaruam Empire of Alphatia
Empire of Thyatis Ethengar Khanates Grand Duchy of Karameikos Kingdom of Alfheim
Kingdom of Ierendi Kingdom of Ostland Kingdom of Rockhome Kingdom of Vestland
Minrothad Guilds Principalities of Glantri Republic of Darokin Soderfjord Jarldoms
The Five Shires

Known World

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