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The Hand of Man Cities, Town and Villages Settlements in Darokin


Location, Size, Population and Demographic:
Reedle is a small village in the far south-east corner of Darokin, located in the foohills of the Altan Tepes Mountains along the Karameikos border. It has a population of just over 750 people, with its community comprised of an almost equal proportion of both farmers and villagers. The demographic is overwhelmingly human.

Local Government:
Falling under Heartland Law, Reedle has a six-member Village Council with its mayor, Thaddeus Nerama.

Notable Laws:
The village has banned offensive spell-casting and intrusive spells such as Detect Thoughts. Spells that identify or classify goods are allowed and quite common.

Trade and Commerce:
Reedle is on a trail that runs from Selenica to Klevin to Specularm in Karameikos. As one might expect, there is quite a bit of traffic in both directions on the trail, attracting eager sellers and buyers and alike. Some Darokin traders prefer to meet caravans in Reedle rather than wait for them to arrive in Selenica, in order to get the first bid in on interesting merchandise.

Geographically the village lies in an area which is well suited for growing exotic speciality products, such as olives, rare teas, coffee and cashews. Due to the high prices these rare products command, Reedle is one of the few settlements in Darokin where the merchants are not necessarily the most affluent residents.

Although most merchants take the above in stride, some do not, especially those connected with larger merchant houses who have a tendency to get what they want, in Reedle they do not. Consequently, the village possesses more political intrigue in local government than many settlements ten times its size.

The current Village Council has two merchants, two farmers and two which are both. The current mayor, Thaddeus Nerama is a farmer, so the balance of power seems to slightly favour the farmers, for now.

For the few not directly involved, Reedle politics is a wonderful spectator sport. The smallest, most inconsequential decision cannot be made by the council without months of acrimonious debate. If a major problem came along, it might never be dealt with.

The Second Army patrol the trade road on a regular basis, coming every 2 to 3 days. The caravans bring along private guards which can be pressed into service in a crisis. The Reedle Watch consists of 10 members armed with clubs, rapiers and cross bows wearing chain shirts.

Townspeople rotate service in the Reedle Militia, with approximately 10 members on patrol or sentry duty outside the village proper. The militia is issued rapiers, longbows and studded leather armour. Both Watch and Militia report to the Mayor but the militia has its day-to-day affairs coordinated by Sergeant Althea Garamond a liaison from the Darokin Army.

Tareal Moonflower is a representative from Alfheim who assists the village in keeping the roads free of bandits, goblins and orcs while he arranges safe passage for merchants travelling to Alfheim. He and his band of Elves (5 elves) are usually on the road but they have lent assistance to the village on a number of occasions. He is an expert with the longsword.

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