Umbarth House

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History of the House
On the surface at least, Umbarth House is one of the more pedestrian of the Great Houses. Founded by former employees of House Ithel, its history follows the typical story of slowly gaining power after the fall of the Kingdom, eventually gaining control of the former Duchy of Amsorak. It participated in the bloody civil wars, with few notable victories or defeats. It attended the Great Merger, was hurt by Lydia Mauntea’s takeover, and helped reform the government after her death.

Indeed, the only significant contribution to it made to Darokinian history was its role in the formation of the Darokinian Diplomatic Corps (DDC) during the civil wars. Though the existence of the DDC provided new lines of communication between the Houses and helped cause the great Merger, House Umbarth allowed the DDC an independent existence, thereby leaving Umbarth House to return quickly to its relative obscurity.

The Amsorak region is almost as independent as Selenica, particularly Akesoli, it base of operations, which gives the appearance that Umbarth House is somewhat isolated, but the fact remains that it is one of the great merchant houses of Darokin.

Current Leader and Politics
Umbarth House has traditionally had little desire to rise in the hierarchy of the Republic. Greenleaf Vickers, its current head, is more interested than his predecessors, but is still one of the most politically inactive of the heads of the Great Houses.
Greenleaf, is a direct descendant of Sasheme Vickers, the first great diplomat of Darokin. He is tall with black hair and eyes, and his elvish ancestry adds an exotic look to his physical features.

House Umbarth does a tremendous amount of trade with Alfheim, probably due to the large number of high-ranking elves in the house hierarchy. It also does significant foreign trade with Sind, Ethengar, and Glantri, with a little less with Wendar and Heldaan It is the only House beside Linton to trade with the far distant nation of Slagovich.

Umbarth House

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