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Scourge of the Iron Ring Tyranny of Dragons


Date Time Day Location Campaign
23 June 2018 11:00pm Saturday Dem’s Place The Time of Heroes
July 2018 4:00am Saturday Dem’s Place Tyranny of Dragons

+Pages Uploaded/Amended in January ’18
First Session Ramblings
Time of Troubles
Sukiskyn Layout
Weapon Shard

+Pages Uploaded/Amended in April ’18
Icewind Dale
Sea of Moving Ice
Spine of the World
Reghed Glacier
Crossing the Tundra

Planned to complete in the next month
Complete Pages Can Gods really Die? and It Ends with Blood
Complete Pages Werescalot and Luln
Complete Pages Way-Point, Ambush at the Mill, Haunting of Calrow Ruins and The Sargasso Sea
Update the Timeline for the ToD campaign.
Provide information regarding Icewind Dale, the Ten Towns, the Arcane Brotherhood and Icewind Dale NPCs.
Provide rules for Downtime Activities.

Mystara Campaign: The Journey...

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