Lady Arteris Cassandra Penhaligon

Ruler of the Estate of Penhaligon


A tall, warrior-woman in her early thirties, Lady Arteris has brown eyes, brown hair worn in Thyatian style with a seemingly permanent scowl upon her face. It is often said that she only smiles in the midst of battle.


Arteris is the daughter and only child of the town’s late founder, Arturus Penhaligon, and adventuring companion of Duke Stephan before he came to Karameikos. It is well known in Penhaligon that she grew up in the roadside town and knows both the town and the area around it intimately.

She was named both after her mother and father: Arteris being the feminine version of her father’s name, while her middle name, Cassandra, being the name of her mother which passed away during childbirth of her younger brother, who was stillborn.

She is extremely devoted to the safety of town as well as that of merchants and guildsmen with their wares passing through her lands. Unlike her father, who utilised the knights and squires of the Order for dangerous missions, Lady Arteris seems to have a penchant for hiring strangers for missions on behalf of the estate with only the party lead, being a knight of the Order.
This habit has made her popular with travelling sell-swords and wandering mages, but has had the opposite effect on the knights.

Lady Arteris Cassandra Penhaligon

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