Cashuss Petronas

Fallen Hero of the Realm (Deceased)




Cashuss hailed from Threshold, the youngest son of three for the town’s premier baker. After his Shearing Ceremony, Cashuss left with his friend, Ser Drèga Marilenev, for Penhaligon.
Together they undertook a few misadventures, one of them being the accidental release of a Lich. Drega remained in Penhaligon serving out his squire-ship while Cashuss returned to Threshold, with dreams of starting an adventurers’ guild.

That he did, some years later, forming the Silver Talons under his careful stewardship.
The name was chosen after a series of successful encounters against an organisation of lycanthropes led by their elusive leader, simply known as ‘The Hound’. Soon after, their name and popularity grew to dizzying heights of fame, as they defeated the Winter King and brought an end to his supernatural winter that had plagued the North.

With the release of the romancing novella ‘Bard to the Bone’ the names Silver Talons, Cashuss Petronas and Ganamere spread further southwards to Kelvin and even reached the shores of Specularm.

Success continued as the Silver Talons rescued the Treekeeper Llewelyn and retrieved the stolen branch from the Callarii Tree of Life; In the Estate of Penhaligon they captured the renegade Elwyn the Ardent for the theft of a holy relic. They slew the Hag Naravesh and defeated her Ogres along Duke’s Road…and much more.

This fame, along with all the positives, brought along with it some backlash.

Self importance got the better of Cashuss in Highforge which led to his forceful removal and eventual life-long ban from the Gnomish Kingdom. Soon after, his very public disagreement with the equally opinionated Ser Bartram Poncington, resulted in polarising much of the knightly populace.

However, in the end, it wasn’t the external factors that brought about the downfall of Cashuss Petronas and this guild – it was a foolish betrayal from a trusted friend and ally, perhaps succumbed to the influence of magic and his innate greed for power, Bronn: A Traldar Barbarian, previously in the service of the Winter King.

As leader of the Silver Talons, Cashuss Petronas is very much seen as the one responsible for the events of Knightsfall and the subsequent increasing death toll as a result of his release of the Demon Zuggtmoy and all the evil spawn of her Temple. His name has become synonymous with negative conjecture and insult.

He has been officially declared dead, and those who have judged him harshly have but one intention: To make reclamations against his estate and Guild and to see his name and allies names forever sullied in the annals of history.

Cashuss Petronas

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