Daroga Hyde

Hulking werebear druid (Lost in the Alton Teppes)


“They say that if your only tool is a hammer then you tend to see every problem as a nail.
Daroga needs no tools. He is a hammer. Well actually more like a club. With claws and teeth. That regenerates. Mmm, so not really like a hammer. Bah. I’m going to go hit something…”

~Daroga Hyde


Two meters tall and weighing in at 199kg, Daroga is the quintessential brick shithouse. Tough, fit and strong, he has superior senses and good survival instincts.
A werebear druid, in human form he has mottled dark brown hair, brown eyes, a wild full beard and a lot of body hair along with a generally rugged and stern appearance. Children have been known to cry at the sight of him.
In hybrid form adult warriors have been known to cry at the sight of him.
In bear form he was once called cute and cuddly… only once…

He speaks with a distinct Traladaran (Russian) accent and dresses in simple garments, hand made from hides and furs that can be easily discarded when he changes forms.

Daroga is mostly a loner, but not really by choice as such. Slow of speech and wit, most find him gruff, simple, honest and somewhat blunt. This, along with his unfriendly appearance and intense musky werebear body odour, means that others seldom stick around past first impressions.
Those few that he does form a bond with are treated as family – you may not even like them, but you love them for what they are and always try to do right by them.

He enjoys eating, brawling, eating, long walks in the forest while eating, eating chicken and a good scratch against a rough tree.

Human Werebear Druid, Circle of the Moon, Level 8
Str 20 +1 human bonus, 19 Werebear, +1 Tavern Brawler feat
Dex 10
Con 18 +2 Ability score improve., +1 Resilient Feat
Int 10
Wis 16 +1 human bonus
Cha 8

Feats: Ability Score Improvement (+2 Con), Tavern Brawler, Resilient (Con save)
Saves: Wisdom, Intelligence, Constitution
Hitpoints: 64
AC: 10/11 (1 Natural Armor in wereforms)
Werebear Abilities Regeneration 15, Scent, Shapeshift, Offensive Odour
Class Ability Wild Shape
Were-hybrid/bear: 2 claws +8 2d8 +5
Human: Fist +8 1d4 +5

Athletics +8
Concentration +7
Nature +3
Perception +6 (7scent)
Religion +3
Survival +6



Every boy in the grand duchy of Karameikos grows up on tales of heroes. Dashing, fleet-footed types who outwit their foes, magicians of staggering intellect unraveling arcane mysteries and charming, noble, armour clad knights wielding great weapons of legend.
Daroga has fulfilled his childhood dreams of fighting evil and righting wrongs, but in a way he never could have imagined.

Born in Penhaligon, Daroga (Dah-Rogue-Ah) grew up like many others, dreaming of one day becoming a knight, or better yet, making his devout mother proud and joining the church as a priest or even, if the gods willed it, a holy paladin.
He became a stable-boy for the Church of Karameikos where his parents worked. Unprepared for the viciousness of life amongst the youth of the lesser nobles, Daroga’s natural affinity with the horses and shy simplicity made him a target for ridicule and mockery: “ the beast boy who would sooner lay with horses than girls”. The breaking point was an outright lie accusing him of trying to copulate with a mare in season.
Rather than face the lie, he assumed the clergy and his devout parents would side with the lordlings son (as they always seemed to) and so he fled, ashamed, angry, disillusioned and betrayed, leaving behind his job, his family and the life he had come to hate.

Traveling North, he found safe haven in the form of a small logging community. Simple folk much like himself, he fit in well and with his natural size and strength he was soon a valued member of the community.
Amongst the loggers lived a werebear druid and his small clan. Daroga fell in love with Fraeya, the druids youngest daughter and became the druids apprentice and son-in-law. As part of the marriage ceremony he was gifted with the blessing of the Bear and became one of their clan.
In the Old Ways of the druid faith, Daroga found the expression of faith, belief and reverence that he had been missing for so long. Venerating Nature in its cycles and seasons, the natural order of things seemed simple and right. He was a warrior of faith, defending nature and being a part of it. So much like the knights he once held in such high esteem, yet so very, very different.

Daroga’s wife and young child have stayed with the rest of his clan while he investigates the cult of Elemental Evil at the request of the elder druid Eltan.
He misses Fraeya and his son, Surak and hopes to get the chance to visit them in the near future, providing one of the fools he travels with don’t get them all killed first.

His traveling companions are a strange lot, but then he himself is fairly strange, so perhaps that is why they all seem to get along after a fashion.
Alexi is the oddest member of the group, quite probably dropped on his head as a child. Often. His sanity seems to flicker this way and that, like a candle flame in a breeze.
Astagon must like the sound of his voice, because he always seems to have a lot to say. His sorcery is somewhat disturbing even though he is always charming and friendly.
Hal’far is so beset by inner demons of humans and elves fighting within him that it seems one day he may well explode. He seems to want everyone he meets to hate him as much as he claims to hate humans.
Tomek is the most normal of the group. Maybe because he is also a Traladaran, or because he shares a deeper faith, Daroga relates to him more easily.

Daroga Hyde

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