Hal'far Galadonel

A Leaf on the Wind... (Captured by a Lich)



…watch me soar…

A foundling human child, discovered during omens and portents, Hal’far was taken in and raised by the Callarii elves because of their belief that he might be a figure of “destiny”.

While it was scoffed, more frequently than believed, Hal’far was lucky that more believers occupied the seats of political power at the time than skeptics, otherwise he’d have been returned to some nearby human backwater settlement.

Yet, the simple superstitious nature of elves and men, a belief in destiny, appears to have self-fulfilled, or at least jump started a destiny of sorts.

Instead of growing to be the inevitable dull backwater human… like all humans (especially warlocks)….instead he became of the best of elvish warriors; their Eldritch Knights.

…Now, assisting his adopted father, Laucian against a scourge that threatens all Lands, Hal’far must face and work with brutish, smelly uncultured humans….and try to keep down his lunch at the same time….


Str 10, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 12
AC 17 (20 with armor spell)

6 Athletics (expert) , 8 Acrobatics, 11 Stealth (expert)
4 Arcana, 4 History

5 Concentration (also advantage on rolls)
+2 and Evasion on Dex saves while using shield
Shove with shield as bonus action with attack action
Attack once as bonus action when casting a cantrip
Summon weapon to hand as a bonus action (from any location)
Spells (Shield, Thunder, Armor, Prot from Evil, Misty Step, Blur)
Cantrips (Bladeward, Acid Splash)
Action surge, and Second wind once per short rest

Elvish, Goblin, Traladaran, Thyatian

Shield Mastery, Warcaster, Ability Improvements x2 (both on Dex)

Hal'far Galadonel

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