Mills Klantyre

Weapon and Armour Expert

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Mills is terse, preferring to hang back from the crowd since he considers most of the crowd to be morons. Though often heavily armoured, he prefers a low profile and has customized his armour, most often achieved with a dirt colored poncho over it. Blending into the background gives him time to size people and situations up (though not always correctly). Though his lack of patience and engagement with people mean few ever look to him to lead, they do look to him for ideas….or a sudden charge into enemy lines.

As a Master of Weapons and Armour in every conceivable way, he wears heavy armours whenever possible. His helmet is a piece that he crafted himself, one of his very first, and with sentimental value. Sporting a narrow 180 degree slit for gazing out, the mouth area is open-cut for ease of breathing during exertion, and delivering a mocking toothy grin during combat after he just landed a biting taunt.

Recently, due to a family legacy artefact, he has turned his attention to mastering arcane magic as his mother before him. A chance encounter with an other realm beholder escalated his progress to the level of a skilled initiate, enhancing his natural insight, allowing him glimpses of future events, a sort of deja’ vu.

Oftimes,…. while sizing up some person and thinking to himself things like “gods they’re so stupid” and other wonderments at their stupidity, he now knows for a fact that they are stupid, thanks to this deja’vu.


Mills Klantyre

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