Admin for the Party

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The Time of Heroes Scourge of the Iron Ring

Experience Points

All the characters have 860 XPS.
Require 900 Experience Points for 3rd Level.

Party’s Present Satus

Pyrus Rex suffering from 3 levels of Exhaustion, while the remaining members of the party are suffering 1 level of Exhaustion each. The party survived the Siege at Sukiskyn.

Fives Shires Coin

Party collectively has 10 Yellow

Karameikan Coin

Party collectively has 23 Kopec and 5 Crona
2 Goblin Trinkets
A pair of silver earings


Detailed map of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.
Dagger of masterwork quality

Xannos has a handful of the Hobgoblin Necromancer’s trinkets.

Magical Items

Potions of Healing x 2.

Admin for the Party

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