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The Time of Heroes Scourge of the Iron Ring

Experience Points

Short Campaign – Standard
All the characters have 7,415 XPS.
Require 14,000 Experience Points for 6th Level

Party’s Present Status

The party has returned back to Kelvin..

Days since Long Rest

Day Two (DC +2)

The return journey takes 2 days.

Inspiration Points

Everyone has an inspiration point.

Downtime Days


Karameikan Coin

Dunkan Hearthlight is carrying 48 Royals, 73 Crona, 119 Kopec
Hestalt is carrying 48 Royals, 73 Crona, 119 Kopec
Aerilaya Elqen is carry 48 Royals, 73 Crona, 119 Kopec
Eldar Holimion is carrying 48 Royals, 73 Crona, 119 Kopec

Fives Shires Coin

A leather pouch containing 15 Yellows, 24 Stars, 54 Sunsets.


A small sack of goblin trinkets, including jewellery (worth 31-40 Crona)
A small sack of human trinkets, including jewellery (worth 11-20 Royals)

A Large Iron Bound chest with lock – containing:

  • A sack of 2,000 Crona
  • A sack of 1,437 Royals
  • A sack of 364 Kopec
  • A leather pouch with an assortment of gems
  • A carved ivory scroll case, holding a fragile ancient scroll with writing in an unknown tongue.
  • An Elixir of Speed
  • A Potion of Greater Healing
  • A spell scroll with the arcane spell Locate Creature
  • A glass jar, 3 inches in diameter containing a thick mixture that smells faintly of aloe. The jar and it’s contents weigh 1/2 pound.

A Backpack containing

  • Various maps and pages of notes from Golthar’s room.
  • 8 Ancient Tomes from the library.
  • Several fragile charts, manuscripts and scrolls from the Library.

Dunkan Hearthlight is carrying gem (transparent pale blue-green) of unknown value
Dunkan Hearthlight is using a masterwork longsword (+1 damage) with the crude engraving of the word slimar meaning deathcut in the goblin tongue.

Aerilaya Elqen is carrying a pair of non-magical, gold armbands, fit for a human or elf, no engravings, the bands are wrapped in cloth.
Aerilaya Elqen possesses a map of the northern part of The Five Shires in dwarvern script. The scripted frame seems to reflect some key or puzzle.

Magical Items

Only those listed above within the iron bound chest.

Admin for the Party

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