Admin for the Party

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The Time of Heroes Scourge of the Iron Ring

Experience Points

All the characters have 860 XPS.
Require 900 Experience Points for 3rd Level (DM Note: Advanced characters early).

Party’s Present Satus

Pyrus Rex suffering from 3 levels of Exhaustion, while the remaining members of the party are suffering 1 level of Exhaustion each. The party survived the Siege at Sukiskyn.

Fives Shires Coin

Party collectively has 10 Yellow

Karameikan Coin

Party collectively has 23 Kopec and 5 Crona
2 Goblin Trinkets
A pair of silver earings


Detailed map of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.
Dagger of masterwork quality

Xannos has a handful of the Hobgoblin Necromancer’s trinkets.

Magical Items

Potions of Healing x 2.

Admin for the Party

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