Baldur's Exiles

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Adventures in Faerûn Tyranny of Dragons Murder in Baldurs Gate

Many were leaving Baldur’s Gate these…from Outer City residents to Lower City merchants. The recent events of the city had taken a toll on its residents.
But Emmanuel’s concern was due to the recent rumour that had circulated from the Wide just that day: Merchants travelling north on the Coast Way passed the sites of two massacres along the road. Two entire families, well off by the looks of them, had been robbed and murdered, their bodies dumped by the side of the road.

He feared that the victim’s of the massacres were some family friends, ‘good honest people’ as he had described them, that had recently taken temporary leave from the city. He kindly asked if Kael could investigate the matter as a personal favour.

The Flaming Fist should have been looking into it, but given the recent events, Ravengard had recalled many of the outgoing road patrols, stating that the safety of the city’s residents was currently his primary concern.

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Baldur's Exiles

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