Because that is my Common Way

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Adventures in Faerûn


In your future and in your past

I come and go so senseless and fast

My purpose is unknown to all

Remembrance seems to drift then fall

I travel by night and fade by day

Because that is my common way

Guided by Snapjaw and just over a dozen lizardfolk the party made their way to the partly submerged temple. Snapjaw, like Suncaller the late lizardfolk shaman, was convinced that the temple housed a powerful deity which was responsible for all the temporary gifts which appeared around the temple.

Overcoming many of the dangers of the Mere of the Dead Men such as the terrain including quicksand, the environment like the fog as well as its inhabants particularly the Weeds-that-Walk (shambling mounds), a yuan-ti hunting party and a clutter of large spiders the party successfully arrived at the submerged temple and force open its heavily sealed doors only to be ambushed by the powerful deity, which was revealed to be a beholder. The lizardfolk were no match for the monster and the party did not fare any better: Multiple wounds appeared across the body of Tanareth; Mills quickly fell victim to its charm ray; Namshiel was petrified; Aidan was gripped with fear and fleed from the scene further into the unknown depths of the temple; while Kavah was affected by its sleep ray.

Strangely enough Aidan found assistance in the form of sentient undead who resided in the lower levels of the temple which he learned was in fact a mausoleum in the name of the fallen deity Myrkul, the Lord of Bones. The sentient undead informed Aidian that they were former servants and priests of Myrkul and that soon after their connection to their God was severed, a gate opened near the mausoleum from which the beholder came through and one-by-one the Myrkulites, with their divine powers recently stripped, were but easy targets for the Eye of Terror. From that moment on, the mausoleum of Myrkul became the lair of the beholder and the forever animating dead, its food.

An unlikely alliance was formed between the halfling and Azalore, the leader of the sentient undead, against the beholder. Azalore informed Aidan of the protective mechanism of the mausleum which had the ability when activated (through magic) to create an antimagic field within the mausoleum and even the capability to reverse recent magical effects if the user/s were powerful enough in the magical arts. Activating this device would significantly weaken, at least temporarily the threat of the beholder and could perhaps save the lives of Aidan's party members. The major obstacles in undertaking this course of action was that the mechanism was underwater and that it was in an area which was predominantly occupied by non-sentient undead.

Because that is my Common Way

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