Carnival Fair Consortium

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The Carnival Fair Consortium is a Darokinian business venture between 4 individuals who have partnered up to manage a travelling Carnival Fair. The Consortium was established in 994 AC and consisted of small performance acts. It has since grown in size and is now performing in the larger villages and even towns of the Republic.

The Carnival Fair consists of extraordinary feat performances from men and beasts, various competitions and activities for guests, eating and drinking stalls as well as various other flee-market activity.

The 4 partners that oversee the entire operation are:

Barthus Devonshire: A short, rotund balding individual in his early 40’s and with a unhealthy love for wine, Barthus is a divorced ex-jeweller hailing from Darokin City. He is never seen without a drink in his hand and almost as often inebriated which brings out his loud, jovial and rather demonstrative behaviour.
He oversees all aspects of the animal performances.

Nicholas Hurst: This elderly gentleman, previously a candlemaker from Corunglain, suffers from a nervous twitch – evident in his hands. He speaks slowly and often appears lost in thought, however he is not absent minded.
He offers high praise for Lendrian and deals with the minor responsibilities of the organisation or assists the others when need be.

Donel Rightguard: A tall lanky and highly expressive person, Donel worked previously as a general speculative merchant, with a specialisation in curios and antiques. Sadly his bargaining skills are poor which is detrimental for a merchant and even worse for a native Darokinian one.
His passion/compulsion for collecting antiques might be considered an obsession perhaps even a psychological disorder. Donel is very much your typical hoarder. Within the Consortium Donel manages the stalls.

Lendrian Tomesen:

A bearded, mild mannered ex-city official and mapmaker from the city of Akoros, Lendrian is the undisputed organiser of the Carnival Fairs. He often decides on the locations, negotiates with village/town officials, is involved in the moving and set-up of the Carnival as well as the order of the performance acts.
His networking capabilities and organisational skills are the most important asset to the Consortium.
Despite him almost single-handedly keeping the Carnival Fair operational, he has been unable to keep his family together. His separation with his wife has taken its toll on him. Lianna, his teenage daughter, has recently become enamored with his work and is rather hopeful of getting to know her father better given his necessary absence from home due to Carnival work.

Not a partner within this business venture but still rather instrumental is the Consortium’s admin clerk, bookkeeper and custodian of records and monies, a Darokin City man, Eljias Verias.
Eljias is below average height, with black hair just short of his shoulders and is probably in his mid-thirties. He is welcoming and extremely pleasant. All the hiring/firing as well as contract deals with relation to the business are done by his personal approval.

Carnival Fair Consortium

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