Characters of Nemiston

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The Hand of Man Cities, Town and Villages Settlements in Darokin Nemiston

Brummel is the town mayor and also a cousin of Baron Randel IV. Although he might have gained the job through nepotism, he has proven to be practical, efficient and hardworking which provides great synergy with his assertiveness. His walk betrays a military background.
The man follows a rigorous exercise routine and can often be seen jogging around the Nemiston Common in the evenings. He is bearded, wears spectacles with a rather square look.
His relationship with Captain Eldmire is poor largely due to their differing personalities.

Captain Eldmire has been serving on the Nemiston Town Guard since AC 993 and is well liked despite his short-comings in the qualities necessary for a man in his position. His insecurities and indecisiveness have rubbed off on the town’s militia. Described as a fence-sitter, the captain prefers to answer difficult questions (for him) with a question, deferring judgement to others where possible.

Victor Sten is Chairman of the Guilds Association for the Barony of Nemis and a carpenter by trade.
A man of average height, with mousey-brown hair and long droopy mustache, Victor is the quintessential description of a Nemistonian. He is firm, questioning and analytical by nature as well as one of the strongest voices speaking out against the elves.

Mother Amelia has served as the town’s head priestess for almost a decade. A mature woman, the Mother professes to have travelled a lot in her youth. Being tender and soft spoken many believe the word ‘Mother’ suits her aptly. Despite her warmth with her flock and visitors, she can be quite firm with her acolytes.
A topic of great importance to her is the House of the Industrious Hands, and its role within the town. Her and Brummel clash over a difference of opinion regarding the need of an additional church within Nemiston – she deems it a necessity, he instead refers to her desire as a waste of taxpayers money.
She is secretly an elf-sympathiser and is able to speak the elven language fluently.

Characters of Nemiston

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