History of Duke Abdel Adrian

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Among Baldurians, the late Duke Abdel Adrian was universally considered to the the city’s greatest hero, second only to Balduran the Brave.

The wizard Gorion raised Adrian in Candlekeep, but Adrian, a child of Bhaal, was swept up in a series of deadly events orchestrated by his half-siblings, the Bhaalspawn. Adrian’s life as an adventurer became notorious when he saved Baldur’s Gate from the Iron Throne’s machinations and killed his half-brother Saverok to avert a war with Amn.
Afterward, Adrian fought countless battles against people seeking to use his Bhaalspawn blood for nefarious purposes. Baldurians know little of these adventures, and few people alive today comprehend the meaning of Adrian’s status as a Bhaalspawn.

Following his adventuring day, Adrian lived for a time in contemplation in Candlekeep. He eventually decided to settle in Baldur’s Gate, which had become his second home.

Adrian joined the Flaming Fist as a private and quickly ascended through the mercenary company’s ranks. Lower City citizens respected his courage and dashing ways, and Outer City residents loved him for his charitable works. After Valarken killed the Flaming Fist’s marshal, who was also duke, Adrian replaced him in both positions. He originally tried to turn down his ducal nomination, but public acclaim was too strong, and the military leader reluctantly accepted the post.

Adrian was more than a century old when he was murdered, and this then due to his divine heritage which kept him well preserved. Towards the end he appeared a man in his sixties, but retained the strength of youth. At nearly 7 feet in height, Adrian towered over most Baldurians.
Unlike other dukes he wore comfortable, plain garments and he shunned jewellery. The only time he dressed as a state official was for parades.

He rarely spoke at council meetings, but when he did his voice for moderation carried tremendous weight. Most days Adrian would walk the city’s streets, talking with citizens; helping them in their daily labours; and offering charity, an encouraging word, or a stern reprimanded as needed.

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History of Duke Abdel Adrian

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