On the Brink of Destruction

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Late that night, after the celebration at the the Three Old Kegs, Coran provided the party with a curious Message from Abdel raising more questions with regards to the Duke’s demise.

The next morning the party sought out the assistance of Duke Robert in order to obtain an official writ instructing Ravengard to cease with the kangaroo courts.
While at the Great Hall, Imbralym Skoond set up a quick meeting with his employer, Duke Silvershield, who requested the party look into some recent Kidnappings. The party accepted the request in the hopes of acquiring future favours with the duke.

They also overheard the news of the of a funeral procession which accidently dropped one of the coffins onto the cobblestones, which strangely resulted in an explosion killing several people – including both carters, a Flaming Fist soldier and some passers-by as well as damaging the surrounding buildings.


A young man, darkly handsome and graceful and who is usually dressed in sumptuous robes, Imbralym Skoond, is in the employ of the Duke Silvershield as his trusted wizard.

Upon return to the Lower City, after the successful apprehension of the kidnappers and the rescue of Omdarsh, the party learnt of the prison break at Seatower.

A smokepower bomb blasted the structure’s front gate, afterwhich there was a rush along the causeway, and in the confusion and commotion a group of armed thugs, who clearly knew the layout inside, dashed directly to the dungeons to release the prisoners that had been arrested in the recent chaos that had befallen the city. The result was absolute carnage as the Flaming Fist found themselves unequipped and unarmed during the prison break, as weapons and ammunition were missing from the armoury, and what made it worse was when they pursued the criminals into the streets and alleyways the same missing weapons and ammunition were in the hands of the guild and sympathisers, which stepped out of hiding places to ambush the soldiers. A bloodbath ensued.

Some of the more notable escapees were:

  • Thurgo Strongbuckle, the Halfling wererat who had manipulated the rat swarms to pester the city in the evenings;
  • Croaker, an associate of the Heroes of the Wide, who was arrested for breaking an entering into the Harbourmaster’s office; and
  • Nine-Fingers Keen, a partiar woman who Ariax Ryllyn alleged was the master of the Guild.

Once the Flaming Fist restored order at Seatower and an assessment of the losses was made, Ravengard called a meeting with his highest ranking officials. When word of the prison break spread to the Upper City, Duke Silvershield proposed to the Council and Parliament that for the safety of the elite, they should seriously consider reinstating the duelling laws that date back to the city’s days as Gray Harbour.
Meanwhile the party, through the arrangement of Jamal Al-Fayeed, accepted an invitiation to meet up with Nine-Fingers in the Undercellar.


Most Baldurians view the Undercellar as a seedy yet unique underground tavern and festhall. Its cobbled, vaulted chambers, were once the storage cellars of various buildings, many of which still conduct business today. Over decades the judicious addition of arched doorways and freshly dug, narrow tunnels has strung the cellars together, forming a sizable network of passageways and chambers.

In the Undercellar, the party met up with the notorious Nine-Fingers. She was accompanied by her personal bodyguards, Croaker as well as an associate of the Guild, a man by the name of Namshiel.
Nine-Fingers offered a gift, no strings attached, to the Heroes of the Wide: A Letter to Viekang addressed from a cultist of Bhaal.

When questioned about the Guild’s recent actions within the city, she admitted that she had personally signed off on all of the Guild actions of Rilsa Rael, but that Rilsa had taken things a step beyond what the Guildmaster was comfortable with. Furthermore she suspected that Rilsa, whose whereabouts where currently unknown, was no longer content being simply the kingpin of Little Calimshan, but that she had designs to become the new mistress of the Guild.


Nine-Fingers is an unassuming, brunette woman of middling height and build. Neither plain or beautiful, she is completely indistinctive. She often travels with the Lady’s Court: six women who act as her personal bodyguards.

Next morning the party faced-off and defeated two cultists of Bhaal who were waiting in the Wide for a sign of their God’s return. With the information given to them by Nine-Fingers the night before, the Heroes left the Upper City for the inn where the remaining cultists were said to be residing.
On route to the inn, a massive explosion erupted within the Upper City, ensuing panic in the streets of Baldur’s Gate. The party decided to continue towards the inn, to first deal with the cultists before investigating the explosion. At the inn they found themselves the target of an ambush.

Meanwhile that morning the Parliament of Peers as well as the Council of Four had much to say about the proposal made by Duke Torlin Silvershield earlier that week: Reinstating the old Dueling Laws of Gray Harbour. After some discussion, a well prepared Duke Robert offered his opinion on the sensitive matter which he delivered at length as to why the proposal was a poor one and should not be considered. His thoughts on the matter were met with a thunderous applause by all.

A Watch official with the rank of Highsword, sought a private word with Duke Torlin Silvershield. Upon his return he agreed to put the Dueling Law proposal to rest and that perhaps everyone should take an early break and sample some of the exquisite wine produced by the Gondar. He stepped out a moment, while ushers brought in large vases.
Grand Duke Portyr inspected the wine as the doors to Parliament were shut. A puzzled look flashed across his face as he said in confusion, “But this isn’t wine?”
In that moment, the Parliament of Peers exploded.

Grand Duke Dillard Portyr is a short, portly man in his sixties. His once black hair is now gray and sparse, often wearing a shabby wig. A veteran investor, shipping-fleet owner, and trader, Portyr recently pulled back from the business world following a string of sour deals. Having outlived two wives and three sons, he is using his remaining time to enjoy the comforts that his wealth and title have provided.

Having defeated the cultists, with the sole surviving cultist now safely in the custody of the Flaming Fist, the party headed towards the Upper City to investigate the explosion they had all heard earlier.

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On the Brink of Destruction

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