Plot Points

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Where characters earn Experience Points, players are able to earn Plot Points.
Plot Points are an award system earned by players which may be utilised to benefit their characters.
They may be earned though a player’s continuous interaction with Obsidian Portal by generating content or maintaining their character sheet, and/or by affecting the game/table positively through their actions (i.e. promptness, participation for each session, providing a service for the gaming group such as hosting, catering, music, creating tokens. Plot Points have been implemented in a way that should a player be unwilling/unable to participate in such a manner, the loss to the character is not material in nature.

Plot Points allow players to change anything from the damage suffered by a character to altering the possible success or failure of a character’s actions, the ability to introduce plot complications and alter the world or avoid PC death. Below follows a table which reflects the various use of Plot Points during play.


At the beginning of each session Plot Points are calculated based on the below categories.

  • Detailed Character Sheet – A maximum of 5 Plot Points may be earned in this manner. Character sheets are required to be maintained/updated in order for the players to ensure they qualify for all the Plot Points available. The below table is the list of the 7 criteria required for each character sheet. Each uncompleted criteria reduces the Plot Points earned in this category by 1 (to a maximum of -5).


  • Knowledge of Setting – There is the possibility that at the beginning of each session several questions may be asked to the players on anything related to the setting or their adventures. Each correctly answered question yields a Plot Point to the player who correctly answered the question first.
  • Character Prose – A player who is a fan of this site, may upload a character prose between sessions to earn 5 Plot Points at their next session. A maximum of 5 Plot Points can be earned this way at the start of each session.
  • Player Punctuality – A player who arrives on time for the session earns a Plot Point. Players lose 1 Plot Point for every 5 minutes of lateness.

Unused Plot Points
Unused Plot Points at the end of a session are converted into character Experience Points at a ratio of 250XP per 1 Plot Point.

Plot Points

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