Sir Isteval

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Sir Isteval is a former adventurer and Purple Dragon Knight of Cormyr. Though not an actual member of the Lords’ Alliance, he is present at the Council of Waterdeep as the alliance’s nominal representative for Daggerford.

Some of his more notable battles were against the vicious orc bands of the Stonelands, dispatched Zhentarim agents along the western frontier, and making a valiant stand in Thunder Gap against Sembian raiders.

Later, he led at least three groups of adventurers on missions in an effort to bring justice, goodness, and spread Cormyr’s influence. The first company of adventurers went to the Western Heartlands. The second followed Isteval to battle corruption around the Moonsea. And his third and last company went to the Vilhon Wilds and the Winterwood. While in the Winterwood, he wounded his leg in a battle against a Green dragon. Isteval still bears the wound in his leg that resists magical healing. He walks with a cane made from a bone of the green dragon that dealt him the injury.

These days he gathers adventurers to his cause for a brighter future for Faerûn.

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Sir Isteval

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