Smokepowder Investigation

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Adventures in Faerûn Tyranny of Dragons Murder in Baldurs Gate

Part I

  • In Bloomridge (the old part of Upper City), The Watch uncovered a trash heap permeating the area with the smells of sulphur and smoke. Further investigation revealed that the smells derived from a cracked ceramic bowl with the letters “F E L O G Y R / B G” scratched into the bowl’s underside.

Smokepowder is well known but not widely manufactured. The only licensed smokepowder producer is Baldur’s Gate is Avery Sonshal, who runs Felogyr’s Fireworks, a four story workshop, on Bindle Street in the Steeps. Felogyr’s Fireworks has retained a monopoly on smokepowder production in the city since the business’s inception.
The shop does sell other items besides, fireworks, to a broad clientele, specialising in torches and candle wicks whose flames burn in various hues and flash effects for stage productions; and various flashfire rubs, which are spread on meats before they’re set alight to add distinctive smoky flavours.

  • Avery Sonshal confirmed that the cracked ceramic bowl is identical to the mixing bowls he uses, right down to his ancestor’s name being scratched on the base. He further added that he doesn’t throw his ruined crockery in Bloomridge trash heaps, and any apprentice who ruined a bowl in this manner deserves to be beaten like a rented mule.
    Lastly, the powder-maker informed the party that Tracy Sands, a Rivington potter makes the bowls to Sonshal’s specifications.
    Interestingly a man paid him for the potter’s information just over a month ago.

Sonshal has a plump, young-looking countenance and shaves his head. If not for his thick, mutton-chop sideburns, he might be considered baby-faced. He is a wizard and an alchemist, who is a member of the Council’s Eminent Fellowship of Healers.

Part II

  • For many years, Felogyr’s Fireworks has imported four identical shipments per year of dragon dung, salt of yolk and charcoal. These are key ingredients in the manufacture of smokepowder. However upon inspection of the Harbour Manifest, you notice that a couple of tendays ago, less than a month after the arrival of the most recent regular shipment at Felogyr’s Fireworks, another consignment for fives times the usual amount was received.
    Two similar shipments preceded it. The larger shipments were labelled “Deliver to H.Kope, in care of Felogyr’s.”

In addition to the harbour, the Harbour Master is responsible for maintaining the Harbour Manifest, a record of everything shipped legally by river into or out of Baldur’s Gate. The Harbour Manifest is a large tome, closed with a keyless metal clasp. the book is in pristine condition. There is a visible tracing pattern upon the cover of the Manifest.

  • Avery Sonshal was happy to discuss the shipments, but swore that he never made or took possession of the larger orders. The same man that asked him for the potter’s name and address, also placed a large order for fireworks. He bought everything Sonshal had in stock, plus all the raw materials the shopkeeper had on hand. The purchaser even paid a finder’s fee for the names of Sonshal’s suppliers.
    The purchaser was named “Horrus Kope, or something like that…Say you don’t suppose that was a joke?”
    The man was described at tall and slim with long curly blond hair and a shaved face. No distinctive characteristics were noted.

  • Further investigation among the harbourhands reveals that the large cargoes were sent to several different harbour area warehouses. All were been picked up. The warehouse managers were paid in cash and have no information about where the goods went when they left their care.
  • Upon the questioning of Tracy Sands the party discovered that a man with a similar description to Horus Kope visited the potter and ordered and purchased a rather large crate of ceramic bowls, which he claimed were on behalf of Felogyr’s Fireworks. Upon confirmation with Sonshal, this was found to be a lie. Sonshal swears he never made that order and that his orders of ceramic bowls for the business are never that large.
    Tracy believes based on his accent, Horus Kope is not a native Balduran

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Smokepowder Investigation

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