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Known World Kingdom of Alfheim Canolbarth Forest Canolbarth Forest – Bad Magic Points

Little is known about this area, as it does not lie near human lands and its creations do not leave the forest. Elven magicians know that evil from Stalkbrow often takes forms other than just monsters. It frequently creates emanations which interfere with spell casting or have worse effects, such as magically spreading ideas of evil, mischief, or strife among the elves and their neighbours.

Stalkbrow is in the middle of the great forest, at the southern end of the Vorsh Plains, a mostly unforested area. The magic usually centres at a pair of brow-like hills, but frequently drifts up to five miles away from the hills. The drifting nodes carry with them a vague, mirage-like image of the central hills, giving the site its strange name.

The watch around Stalkbrow consists not so much of troops, but of experienced elf and human wizards and druids. Because of the isolationist attitude of the Long Runner Clan, admittance of other non-elves to the area of Stalkbrow is rare. The elves consider Stalkbrow to be the most dangerous site of all, and prefer that only those well-schooled in its mysteries be allowed near.


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