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Eastern Karameikan Homesteads

Sukiskyn stands in a clearing on a bend in the Syereb River (refer Sukiskyn Layout). With the exception of the tower, the ground floors of the kitchen and the forge, the homestead is built entirely of oak, including the roof shingles (tiles). It was built with defense in mind.

  • the buildings are joined by 8-foot log high palisades;
  • the entrances to the homestead have heavy oaken gates, and there is a gatehouse overlooking the bridge;
  • there are no ground floor windows, except for the thin strips of windows on the east wall of the main hall. They are too thick of any humanoid to climb through and just serve as another light source during the day and to provide another means of fresh-air into main hall;
  • the stone-built tower, intended as a refuge in case of emergency, has battlements and a good store of weapons and provisions;
  • all doors of made of oak. The exterior doors can be barred on the inside, while the internal ones can be barred from either side.

Sukiskyn is a home to a community of two families (refer Sukiskyn Characters).


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