Sukiskyn Characters

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Eastern Karameikan Homesteads Sukiskyn


There were originally 12 inhabitants of Sukiskyn: Pyotr and his immediate family (seven in total), the blacksmith Novannes, and his family (4 in total) and a servant, Stellios. Novannes and his son-in-law Hakos were killed in the initial assault by the goblins.

PyotrClan head
Appearance – male, age 40, tall for a Traladaran, red-hair with beard.
Clothing – Blue tunic, grey trousers (chain shirt)
Personality – Fatherly, brave, sincere, good horseman, decisive
Saying – Please consider your action carefully
Weapons and Other – Proficient with both bow and sword, he uses a small, round shield when in melee

DaryaPyotr’s wife
Appearance – Female, age 38, medium height, tied up long black hair into a bun
Clothing – Long green dress, silver belt (leather armour)
Personality – Loyal to Pyotr, excellent cook, good horsewoman, empathetic, problem-solver
Saying – We come from a long line of proud and brave people (Traladarans), we will not yield
Weapons and Other – Proficient with dagger and bow

TarasPyotr’s eldest son
Appearance – Male, age 20, tall like his father, red hair, long moustache
Clothing – Red tunic, orange trousers, fur hat (leather armour)
Personality – Enthusiastic, good sense of humour, befriends fighter-types, keeps distance from those that exhibit arcane use of power, excellent horseman, good knowledge of the area
Saying – My father is a good man, perhaps a little too conservative at time, but good.
Weapons and Other – Proficient in a long-shaft axe (used two-handed style) as well as a bow

AlfanaTaras’ wife
Appearance – Female, age 19, average height, fair-haired and curly
Clothing – Long grey dress, embroidered apron, yellow head-scarf (leather tunic)
Personality – Gentle, sensitive, intelligent, good horsewoman, able to calm the fiercest horses with her soothing touch and soft whispers
Saying – Despite all my gifts, I have not succeed in taming my husband, he is still the fiercest horse I know (laughs)
Weapons and Other – Proficient in a dagger (at times uses a small shield rather clumsily)

Irina – Pyotr’s daughter
Appearance – Female, age 17, plump, plaited red hair
Clothing – Mauve dress, blue apron, head scarf
Personality – Perceptive, inquisitive, good horsewoman
Saying – Why would you say that?
Weapons and Other – Proficient with a sling
Being trained in divine gifts by Kuzma

MatveyPyotr’s youngest son
Appearance – Young boy (age 10), untidy red hair
Clothing – Dirty grey smock, leather trousers
Personality – Secretive, quiet, prefers the company of the animals, particularly the clan dog (Sillas), fair horseman
Weapons and Other – Proficient with a sling

KuzmaPyotr’s mother
Appearance – Female, age 66, short, thin and grey-haired
Clothing – Long black dress, grey shawl
Personality – Stern with the adults, kind to children and halflings, mutters, source of knowledge on tales and legends
Saying – Irina, come child it is time for your lessons
Weapons and Other – Proficient in the divine arts

Sukiskyn Characters

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