The Tail Wagners the Dog

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The power of the enlarge spell coursed through Mills, giving him the size and strength to force the Beholder’s mouth and central eye into the dirt. “Eat it” shouted Mills in defiance to this bizzare beast.

The spell increased his size and weight such that he weighed in at over 2000lb, pinning the beholder to the dirty floor with relative ease. Some of the Beholder’s eye stalks were squashed against the great warrior’s chest as he pinned it, two others were gripped and mashed by his giant hands, while those that remained squirmed angrily attempting to get an angle on Mills.

The Beholder tried to curse the human but only received a mouthful of dirt for its effort. “You like floor, huh? Lemme make sure you get enough”, and Mills rolled the beholder slightly to and fro, “oh yeah, I could tell you like it dirty!” he taunted.

The weight crushing on the Beholder was overwhelmingly more than its strength or telekinesis could bear. But it was furious. It launched the spell from its first available eye stalk and Mills blinked, and then sagged, asleep. The behemoth human’s crushing weight barely alleviated and only with maximum effort was the Beholder able to see-saw the weight partially off himself and then squirm out, only to find itself rolling straight into two more devastating spells from Namshiel and Kavah.

Its body bulged outward for a moment trying to dissipate the energy, then it sighed in resignation, and exploded, flinging its milky white innards over Mills and those near enough, followed by a wave of outworld energy which passed through everyone.

Mills’ eyes snapped open, the milky innards working like magical healing, knitting his wounds, and his last thoughts resumed in his mind: “this stupid thing, whatever it is, sure likes floor” but now answers came flooding in, knowledge of this beast, other planes and their denizens, and…. arcane lore.

It was painful, and Mills flopped on his back, too weak to do anything else, other than drawing in a long breath, while his mind absorbed the deluge. Suddenly he knew these creatures were physically weak for their size, he knew about their lairs, he knew about other planes and other beasts,….and he knew magic, many levels beyond what he had begun to pick up in his short time. Simple things like why his firebolt kept fizzing out; it was because he didn’t pronounce the "t"s clear enough, a habit picked up from listening to Aidan, and more complicated spells like the potent shield spell, but also he understood how one could vary it, make it absorb elemental damage instead of deflection.

This flood of knowledge was punctuated in the end with a single memory, which kind of forced its way into the “conversation”.


Wagner, tongue lolling, ran ahead barking while Mills chased him with a goose. Mills smiled at the memory. Suddenly Wagner turned around, crouched low and barked angrily at him. “Millington!” he suddenly spoke, “What are you doing?”

The goose was gone. In his hand was the residuum shard.

The Tail Wagners the Dog

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