The Time of Heroes Campaign History

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The Time of Heroes

Below follows a list of adventures embarked on by the party as well as any essential notes to the particular adventure:

1. Decisive Decision – After several weeks of fruitless investigative expeditions by the loosely-formed group to discover the whereabouts of the kidnapped hin, one night in Wereskalot’s finest tavern, the adventurers, with nothing left to lose, decided to travel to Luln hoping to gain the answers they needed.

2. A Bloody Welcome – After a somewhat disappointing start in the village, the evening of their arrival brings about a pair of opportunistic assassins, both dispatched in quick succession. The party eventually meets the confident Townmistress Sascia who offers them a lead: a man by the name of Piotyr who is helping establish the newly-formed settlement of Sukiskyn.

3. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – On their initial foray to Sukiskyn the party comes across the ruins of an attacked caravan. They track the culprits to the lair of Hobgoblin Necromancer. After dispatching the necromancer’s zombie minions, the heroes rescue to survivors from the caravan attack and escort them to the safety of Luln.

4. Sukiskyn – After well over a week’s worth of travel and an encounter with Iron Ring mercenaries on a barge on the Volaga River, the party finally arrived at Sukiskyn: Currently besieged by goblin tribes.

The Time of Heroes Campaign History

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