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Penhaligon – The Town and the Estate
A fortified town halfway between Kelvin and the border pass leading to Selenica, Penhaligon was founded in the late 971 AC by Lord Arturus Penhaligon, a friend of Duke Stephan’s. Arturus’s daughter, Lady Arteris Cassandra Penhaligon, was confirmed in her father’s title upon his death in 996 AC and now rules.
The town acts as a way station for travellers coming to and from Selenica. It suffers its share of nonhuman attacks, but trade and travel revenues are brisk. It is primarily known for its Knights and The Quadrivial, The Knight Code and Path to Righteousness.

Laws and the Ruling Council:
Although the town and estate fall under the ducal law, the town has additional by-laws, drafted by the Late Lord Penhaligon, which it adheres to. These by-laws mostly affect the Ruling Council, the Knight, and Squires.
The Ruling Council consist of Lady Arteris and four Knight elders nominated by their peers for reflecting excellence in a specific corner of The Quadrivial. When the aged Lord Arturus served on the Ruling Council, it was commonly referred to amongst the populace as the ‘Elder Council’ or ‘Old Council.’

Penhaligon town consists of two layers of fortified walls:
The inner wall houses the Castle of the Three Suns, guild and banking institutions, the training ground and knight’s quarters as well as the Church of Karameikos to name a few.
The outer wall surrounds mostly the suburban settlements, most of the retail and craft stores/shops, the Church of Traladara as well as the inns and taverns.
Just beyond the walls of the town, is the local graveyard and farmsteads.

The Penhaligon Estate is relatively extensive considering that it is only an Estate and not a barony. A few outlying settlements exist on the estate, the most noteworthy being the village of Bywater and Stallanford.
Each of the settlements, are administered by their own Burgomeister who is nominated in every 5 years.

The total population of the Estate is believed to exceed just over 3000 souls, with the demi-humans accounting to 1% of the total.

As Penhaligon, like Kelvin, is situated on the Duke’s Road, accommodation is always in demand.
The most popular places for accommodation are:

The House of the Three Suns is owned by Sir Barton Midvale, a retired knight. It is more of a guest-house than a traditional inn. Three rooms of this elegant manor are available for rent and each room is spacious & luxuriant which is why the price/room is double the cost of any room at any local inn. Breakfasts are included with accommodation, but no other meals are served.

The Adler is a boisterous establishment located in the heart of Penhaligon, the inner wall. It is run by Hans Kurtzweg, a Heldann immigrant. The Adler is a popular destination for adventurers and other travellers seeking a memorable experience.
A hearty menu is served during the daylight hours whilst the strong, yet palatable beverages are served anytime. Private rooms are usually available, while there is always at least a bunk or two available in the common room.

Malakov’s Inn is located several miles north of Penhaligon on the Duke’s Road. This quaint topver, run by Vlad & Simona Malakov, provides an alternative to staying in one of the larger centres. One of the special highlights of this charming pension is the outstanding traditional-Traladaran menu. Meals are included and vacancies are strictly seasonal.

The Restful Pipe is a house turned into a hostel and is situated near the market in the town’s outer ring. Iwona Unger, a widow and mother to a baby, owns The Restful Pipe. Her humble establishment consists of a communal bathroom, a kitchen and two bedrooms.

Castle of the Three Suns:
By far the most important building within Penhaligon is the Castle of the Three Suns, so called because, for much of the year, the sun rises behind two peaks to the east of castle. These peaks are the Craven Sisters, named after two witches who spirits are said to inhabit them.
The rising sun is split by the hills into three parts, or three suns, hence the name of the castle. The Knightly Order of the Three Suns was formed by Lord Arturus Penhaligon in honour of these three suns.

Other Features:
With its location on Duke’s Road and its proximity to the Wulholde Hills, Penhaligon is full of opportunity for the travelling sell-sword or wandering mage. Lady Arteris, unlike her late father, is known for regularly employing free-lance adventurers to help keep the peace in the area and has a reputation for reasonable pay & decent treatment.


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